Herbsmith’s Canine and Feline Core Formulas for Veterinarians are utilized in veterinary clinical practice around the world. Holistic veterinarians use these formulas on a daily basis to address commonly seen conditions. Make these eleven formulas the foundation of your herbal practice. Our core formulas are available for veterinarians to purchase directly on our website. These unique blends are available in a variety of sizes as powders and tablets.


Herbsmith Rx Rehmannia Assist Kidney supports normal kidney function.


Herbsmith Rx Bupleurum Harmonize Stomach may aid in the management of vomiting, excess gas and poor or finicky digestion, maintaining proper gastrointestinal function.


Herbsmith Rx Gastrodia Settle Seizures is an ancient herbal blend used to exhaust internal wind.


Herbsmith Rx Dianthus Harmonize Bladder drains damp heat and maintains proper bladder function.


Herbsmith Rx Rehmannia Settle Anxiety is for the dog exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity and discontentment responding to environmentally induced stress.


Herbsmith Rx Peony Calm Shen is a combination of herbs to calm heart and resolve liver qi stasis. Great for the fear aggressive dog.


Herbsmith Rx Frankincense Relieve Soreness maintains a healthy musculoskeletal system, even in the roughest of play. May aid discomfort from everyday training, competition or daily activity.


Herbsmith Rx Corydalis Relieve Soreness is a combination to promote the free coursing of Qi, resolve stagnation, activate blood, and alleviate pain.


Herbsmith Rx Angelica Harmonize Joints is useful for dogs experiencing discomfort from everyday activities. Complimentary and compatible with glucosamine products.


Herbsmith Rx Morinda Hindend Support is used for the animal with chronic hindend weakness.


Herbsmith Rx Pueraria Support Spine is useful in the management of cervical dysfunction and other spinal disorders due to blood stasis and wind.


Herbsmith Rx Gentian Relieve Allergies naturally cools skin and is recommended for use in dogs and cats with seasonal allergies.


Herbsmith Rx Sound Tendon nourishes liver yin and liver blood to strengthen tendons and ligaments.


Herbsmith Rx Ginseng Relieve Diarrhea may aid in the management of digestion and low-grade diarrhea to help the dog thrive.


Herbsmith Rx Codonopsis Harmonize Qi maintains and supports a healthy immune system by tonifying the dog’s level of Qi.


Herbsmith Tang Kuei Harmonize Yin is recommended for yin deficiency of kidney and liver.