Herbsmith equine core formulas are available for veterinarians to purchase directly on our website. These unique blends are available as powders in 150, 500, 900, and 1200 g sizes. Scroll down to learn more or purchase any of our classic blends.

Flax Plus

Now our amazing formulas are available in a new, easy-to-administer option! We’ve combined our reliable herbal blends with the well-known benefits of flax!

Free veterinary consultations regarding any of our formulas or herbs are also available. To set up your free consultation with Dr. Chris Bessent, call 800.624.6429.


Herbsmith Rx Fritillaria Harmonize Lung may assist in the management of cough by treating the root of the problem, a lung disharmony.


Herbsmith Rx San Qi Clear Lung aids in the treatment of excercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage and nose bleeding.


Herbsmith Rx Forsthyia Summer Heat is a classic formula to assist in the management of Anhidrosis.


Herbsmith Rx Peony Calm Shen is a combination of herbs to calm heart and resolve liver qi stasis. Great for the the spooky irritable horse.


Herbsmith Bupleurum Calm Spirit provides the natural calming solution for the easily frustrated, difficult to control, spooky or anxious horse.


Herbsmith Rx Sound Tendon nourishes liver yin and liver blood to strengthen tendons and ligaments.


Herbsmith Rx Angelica Harmonize Joints offers joint support for the horse with an even temperment.


Herbsmith Rx Stephania Harmonize Joints offers joint support and calming for the vulnerable, excitable horse.


Herbsmith Rx Du Huo Harmonize Joints provides joint support while increasing the vitality of the persistently depleted horse.


Herbsmith Rx Frankincense Relieve Soreness manages discomfort resulting from everyday activity while taking into account your horse’s sensitive GI tract.


Herbsmith Rx Corydalis Relieve Soreness is a combination of herbs to promote the free coursing of Qi, resolve stagnation, activate blood, and alleviate pain.


Herbsmith Rx Pueraria Support Spine is useful in the management of cervical dysfunction and other spinal disorders due to blood stasis and wind.


Herbsmith Rx Acute Hoof Heat is a formula of herbs used for hundreds of years to assist in the management of hoof health during a laminitis episode.


Herbsmith Rx Carthamus Cool Hooves cools and invigorates the blood of the hoof, assisting in the management of laminitis and founder.


Herbsmith Rx Chronic Hoof Heat is a formula of herbs used to assist in the management of hoof health during chronic laminitis/founder episodes.


Herbsmith Rx Morinda Hindend Support is used for the animal with chronic hindend weakness.


Herbsmith Rx Persica Heel Relief removes blood stagnation in the hoof, assisting in the management of heel pain.


Herbsmith Rx Atractylodes Ease Digestion supports digestion and may aid in the management of spasmodic gas colic and low-grade diarrhea.


Herbsmith Rx Rehmania Tonify Yin supports the athletic nature of the horse and manages fatigue in the equine athlete.


Herbsmith Rx Codonopsis Support Energy maintains the horse’s natural vitality and re-energizes the spirit.