Herbsmith Rx Pueraria Support Spine is useful in the management of cervical dysfunction and other spinal disorders due to blood stasis and wind.


Cervical injuries, neck pain, and pain of spine.

Available In:

  • 500 g Powder
  • 900 g Powder
  • 1200 g Powder
  • Flax Plus 30 day supply
  • Flax Plus 60 day supply

Chinese Theory

Injuries to the neck or spine are on the tai yang channel which is the channel most vunerable the the invasion of wind and wind blockage. The active ingredients of Pueraria, ge gen, Clematis, wei ling xian, and Notopterygium, qiang huo are especially helpful to benefit the neck. The remaining herbs are necessary to relieve blood stasis and stagnation.

Treatment Principles: Clear wind, benefit neck, relieve blood stasis, and unblock the channels.

Suggested Use

(For the 1000 lb Horse)

Traditional Formulas: Administer two (2) tablespoons twice daily for the initial twenty days. Then, administer two (2) tablespoons once a day thereafter. Note: In the event the horse refuses to eat herbs, start with small amounts in the grain until the horse is acquainted with the taste or try the Flax Plus version of this formula. Almost all horses will eat the herbs in their grain.

Flax Plus: Administer one (1) scoop twice daily for the initial twenty days. Then, administer one (1) scoop daily thereafter. Six tablespoon scoop included.

Precautions: Not to be used in pregnant mares.


  • Ge Gen / Kudza Root – Pueraria
  • Bai Shao / White Peony Root
  • Ji Xue Teng / Millettia
  • Gui Zhi / Cinnamononi Cassiae
  • Dang Gui / Angelicae Sinensis
  • Chuan Xiong / Ligusticum
  • Mu Gua / Chaenomeles – Chinese Quince Fruit
  • Wei Ling Xian / Clematis Root
  • Qiang Huo / Notopterygium Root
  • Gan Cao / Licorice

  • Inactive Ingredients (in Flax Plus only):Ground Flax Seed