Herbsmith Frankincense Relieve Soreness manages discomfort resulting from everyday activity while taking into account your horse’s sensitive GI tract.


This versatile blend is perfect for addressing everything from discomfort caused by daily training and activity to occasional soreness.

This collection of herbs, provided in their natural form, is gentle on the horse’s GI tract, so horse’s who are unable to tolerate other options can handle Herbsmith Frankincense Relieve Soreness. That’s the beauty of the Herbsmith Advantage!

Herbsmith Frankincense Relieve Soreness is a combination of herbs that quickly and successfully addresses the root cause of the discomfort and the long term results that can occur from it.

Available In:

  • 150 g Powder (Tack Box size)
  • 500 g Powder
  • 900 g Powder
  • 1200 g Powder
  • Flax Plus 10 day supply
  • Flax Plus 30 day supply
  • Flax Plus 60 day supply

Chinese Theory

Herbsmith Frankincense Relieve Soreness is a blend of blood moving herbs. From a traditional Chinese medical standpoint, tissue damage leads to stasis or stagnation of blood. The damage to the affected tissue is evidence of this blood stasis. With time, this stagnation affects the flow of energy, or Qi, to the affected area and long-term damage can result.

Herbsmith Frankincense Relieve Soreness is designed to invigorate and move the blood. Without the stagnation of blood, the discomfort and tissue damage is managed and the natural healing process is supported. This blend is effective in ancient theory and in modern practice.

Suggested Use

(For the 1000 lb Horse)

Traditional Formulas: Administer two (2) tablespoons twice daily for the initial twenty days, then two (2) tablespoons daily until swelling and stiffness has resolved. Note: In the event the horse refuses to eat herbs, start with small amounts in the grain until the horse is acquainted with the taste or try the Flax Plus version of this formula. Almost all horses will eat the herbs in their grain.

Flax Plus: Administer one (1) scoop twice daily for the initial twenty days. Then, administer one (1) scoop daily thereafter until swelling and stiffness has resolved. Six tablespoon scoop included.

Precautions: Not to be used in pregnant mares.


  • Radix Notoginseng – san qi – Psuedogingseng root
  • Radix Angelicae Sinensis – dang gui – Chinese Angelica root
  • Gummi Olibanum – ru xiang – Frankencense Resin
  • Myrrha – mo yao – Myrrhae Resin
  • Flos Carthami Tinctorii – hong hua – Carthamus flower
  • Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae – huai nui xi – Achyranthis

  • Inactive Ingredients (in Flax Plus only):Ground Flax Seed