Herbsmith offers a number of traditional Chinese herbal blends to holistic veterinarians. These ancient formulas have been used successfully for thousands of years in the Orient and remain popular formulas for use in veterinary clinics throughout the world today.

Traditional formulas are available in powders, tablets, 5-to-1 extract tablets, capsules, and tea pills for ease of administration.

Consultations Available – Herbsmith offers free veterinary consultation with Dr. Chris Bessent, holistic veterinarian and founder of Herbsmith, regarding any of the single herbs. If you are a veterinarian and would like to set up a consultation, call 800.624.6429.

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Pin YinCommon NameAvailable in:
an mien wanPeaceful Sleep..available in powder
an zhong sanFennel & Galanga Formula (Calm the Middle)..available in powder
ba ji sanMorinda Powder..available in powder
ba wei di huang sanEight ingredient w/ Rehmannia..available in powder
ba zhen sanEight treasure Powder..available in powder
ba zheng sanEight herb for rectification..available in powder & tea pills
bai du sanGinseng powder to overcome pathogenic influences..available in powder
bai he gu jin sanLily bulb to preserve the metal..available in powder
ban xia bai zhu tian ma sanPinellia, Atractylodes & Gastrodia Powder..available in powder
bei mu sanFritillaria Powder..available in powder
bi yan wanCool Sinus..available in powder
bu fei tangGinseng & Aster..available in powder
bu gan sanTonify the Liver Powder..available in powder
bu zhong yi qi tangTonify the middle & Augment the Qi Powder..available in powder & tea pills
chai hu jia long gu mu li sanBupleurum, Dragon bone & Oyster shell Powder..available in powder
chai hu shu gan sanBupleurum & Cyperus powder..available in powder
dang gui di huang sanTangkuei & Rehmannia Powder..available in powder
dang gui shao yao sanTangkuei & Peony Powder..available in powder
di gu pi sanLycium root bark Powder..available in powder
di tan sanScour Phlegm Powder..available in powder
du huo ji sheng tangAngelica Pubescens & Sangjisheng Powder..available in powder & tea pills
du zhong bu tian wan..available in powder
er chen sanTwo Cured Powder..available in powder & tea pills
er miao sanTwo Marvel Powder..available in powder
er xian sanCurculigo & Epimedium Powder..available in powder
gui pi tangRestore the Spleen Powder (Ginseng/Longan Combination)..available in powder & tea pills
huang lian jie du tangCoptis Powder to Relieve Toxicity..available in powder
huo xiang zheng qi sanAgastache Powder to Rectify the Qi..available in powder
ji sheng shen qi wanCyathula / Plantago Combination..available in powder
jia wei jin gu die shang sanAugmented muscle & bone traumatic injury powder..available in powder
jia wei juan bi sanAugmented Remove Painful Obstruction Powder..available in powder
jia wei si wu sanAugmented Four Substance Powder..available in powder
jia wei xi jiao di huang sanAugmented Rhino Horn & Rehmannia Powder..available in powder
jia wei xiao yao sanAugmented Rambling Powder..available in powder
jie jie wan..available in powder
jin gu die shang wanMuscle & Traumatic Injury Powder..available in powder
jin gui shen qi sanKidney Qi Pill From the Golden Cabinet..available in powder & tea pills
juan bi sanRemove Painful Obstruction Powder..available in powder
kang gu zhen sheng wan..available in powder
kang ning wan..available in powder
liu jun zi sanSix Gentlemen Powder..available in powder
liu wei di huang sanSix Ingredient with Rehmannia..available in powder & tea pills
long dan xie gan sanGentiana Longdancao Decoction to Drain the Liver..available in powder
ma zi ren sanApricot Seed / Linum Formula (Hemp Seed Powder)..available in powder
mai men dong tangOphiopogon Combination..available in powder
margarite acne pillsmargarite acne pills..available in powder
pe min gan wanseasonal allergies..available in powder
ping wei sanCalm the Stomach Powder..available in powder
qi bao mei ran sanSeven Treasures Special powder for Beautiful Whiskers..available in powder
qi ju di huang sanLycium, Chrysanthemum & Rehmannia..available in powder
qing ying sanClear the Nutritive Level Powder..available in powder
ren shen ge jie sanGinseng & Gecko Powder..available in powder
ren shen yang ying sanGinseng Decoction to Nourish the Nutritive Qi
( Ginseng / Rehmannia Combination)
..available in powder
san miao sanAtractylodes / Phellodendron..available in powder
san ren sanTriple Nut Combination..available in powder
sang piao xiao sanManthis Egg Case Formula..available in powder
shao yao sanPeony Powder..available in powder
shen ling bai zhu sanGinseng, Poria, & Atractylodes Powder..available in powder & tea pills
shen qi da bu sanGinseng Astragalus Great Tonifying Powder..available in powder
shen tong zhu yu tangDrive out Blood Stasis from a Painful Body Decoction..available in powder
sheng mai sanGinseng / Ophiopogon Formula..available in powder
shou wu wanNourish Hair..available in powder
shu gan sanBupleurum / Evodia Combination..available in powder
si jun zi tangFour Gentlemen Powder..available in powder & tea pills
si miao sanFour Marvel Powder..available in powder & tea pills
si ni tangAconite, Ginger & Licorice..available in powder
si shen sanFour Miracle Powder..available in powder
si wu sanFour Substance Powder..available in powder
si wu xiao feng sanEliminate the Wind/ Four Substance..available in powder
suan zao ren tangSour Jujube Powder..available in powder
suo quan sanShut the Sluice Powder..available in powder
tao hong si wu sanFour Substance w/ Safflower & Peach pit..available in powder
tian ma gou teng yinGastrodia & Uncaria Powder..available in powder & tea pills
tian wang bu xin wanEmperor of Heaven Tonify the Heart..available in powder & tea pills
wei ling sanMagnolia / Hoelen Combination
(Calm the Stomach & Poria Powder)
..available in powder
wu ling sanHoelen Five Herb Formula (Five Ingredient w/ Poria)..available in powder
xian fang huo ming yinSublime Formula for Sustaining Life..available in powder
xiang lian wanTraveler's Aid..available in powder
xiang sha liu jun zi sanSix Gentlemen W/ Auklandia & Amomum
(Vladimiria / Cardamon Combination)
..available in powder
xiao chai hu sanMinor Bupleurum Powder..available in powder & tea pills
xiao feng sanEliminate the Wind Powder..available in powder
xiao huang sanDissipating Huang Pattern Powder..available in powder
xiao qing long sanMinor Bluegreen Dragon Powder..available in powder
xiao yao sanTang Kuei / Bupleurum Combination (Rambling Powder)..available in powder & tea pills
xue fu zhu yu sanDrive out Stasis in the Mansion of Blood Powder..available in powder
yi guan jianLinking Powder (Lntang Dieochon)..available in powder
yin qiao san (Honeysuckle and Forsythia Powder)Disperses wind-heat, Clears heat, and relieves toxicity..available in powder
yi yi ren sanCoicis Powder..available in powder
you gui sanRestore the Right (Eucommia / Rehmannia Formula)..available in powder
yu nu jian sanJade Woman Decoction..available in powder
yu ping feng sanJade Windscreen Powder
(Astragalus / Siler Combination)
..available in powder
Yunnan Baiyao..available in powder
zhi bai di huang wanAnmarrhena, Phellodendron, & Rehmannia..available in powder & tea pills
zhong gan lingCold Burst..available in powder
zhu ling sanPolyporus Powder..available in powder
zuo gu shen jing tong wan..available in powder & tea pills
zuo gui yinRestore the Left Powder..available in powder